The Importance of Hiring the Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer. Learn How a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Can Help You Get Justice

The Importance of Hiring the Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer. Learn How a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Can Help You Get Justice 

Sexual harassment in the Workplace is more common than many people realize. It can occur in a subtle manner, such as through offensive comments or microaggressions. It can occur as sexual assaults, rape, or aggressive sexual behaviors. No matter how it occurs federal and state laws prohibit all forms of sexual harassment at work.

Fighting sexual harassment at work requires dedication and courage. As a result, you deserve to work with a talented sexual harassment lawyer that can help you fight for your rights against sexual harassment.

What Is the Role of a Sexual Harassment Attorney?

A sexual harassment attorney is an officer of the court. In other words, they take an oath to uphold the law and zealously represent their clients to the best of their abilities. In a sexual harassment case, a sexual harassment attorney is your voice throughout the legal process. Their sole job is to ensure you, as the plaintiff in the lawsuit, has a person in your corner to ensure their story is heard and justice is served.

Of course, your employer will likely hire a sexual harassment defense attorney, whose job is to try to show that you are lying or that your employer did not have or should not have had any knowledge of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Your sexual harassment lawyer will work tirelessly to show that your employer did have or should have had such knowledge and is therefore responsible for any acts of sexual harassment at work.

An Example of How Sexual Harassment Attorneys Can Be Used in Court

In one New York City sexual harassment case filed in 2014 (Thomas v. David Shavolian et. al), Sharina Thomas was the plaintiff. She alleged the defendant, David Shavolian, consistently committed acts of sexual harassment. The defendant would conduct the following actions:

  • Ask her to show him her breasts;
  • Force her to stand beside him at the urinal;
  • Examine an anal rash for him;
  • Ask for oral sex;
  • Undress in front of her; and
  • Fully exposed himself, asking her to rub lotion on his penis.

At one point, he offered to pay her extra money to have sex with him. When she refused, he terminated her employment.

The employer’s sexual harassment attorney moved the court to dismiss the case, claiming the plaintiff failed to show any cause of action (or evidence of sexual harassment). The courts made it a point to let the defense attorney know that a cause of action existed. They responded by stating, “This court is aghast that any attorney would, with a straight face, claim that the conduct alleged (which, solely for purposes of this motion, is deemed to be true) does not fit squarely within the City and State anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws. Talk about a hostile work environment!… Defendant Shavolian seems to have hired the plaintiff principally so that he could sexually harass her…”

As a result, the plaintiff’s sexual harassment lawyer was given the right to be a voice for his client and ensure justice was served. He was the sexual harassment attorney his client deserved!

How Can a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Help You Fight Sexual Harassment at Work?

As evidenced by the story above, it is clear that your employer has attorneys working hard to fight against you. Therefore, you would have to work twice as hard on your own to get justice for any form of sexual harassment. Your employer’s attorney often knows their way around the legal system. They are masters of intimidation and turning your words and actions against you to disprove your credibility.

Your best plan of attack to get the justice you deserve is to work with an outstanding and talented sexual harassment lawyer. Your lawyer can help you cultivate your argument to diminish any defenses your employer may try to use. They can navigate the legal procedures to ensure you meet deadlines and have the details of your story properly prepared.

Your sexual harassment lawyer can also help you prepare for testifying in a court of law. They can prepare you for the intimidation you may endure during the defense’s examination. The more prepared you are to testify, the fewer holes your employer’s lawyer will be able to manipulate.

In the end, your sexual harassment lawyer can help ensure you have a partner in the courtroom and beyond. Your partner ensures your voice is heard and justice is served.

The Sexual Harassment Attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group are the Outstanding Lawyers You Are Looking For

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