An employee at the Sonic Drive In located in Chester County, Tenn, has accused her co-worker of workplace sexual harassment.

According to the report filed with the Henderson Police Department, Latrail Love had reportedly sexually harassed the victim whose name is being withheld.  However, after police reviewed video from the fast food restaurant, they allegedly saw Love grabbing the woman; he was then charged with sexual battery.

Following the arrest of Love, his wife, Tyra allegedly went to the Chester County Jail and threatened the victim with bodily harm.  Tyra Love also allegedly advised a police department investigator that she would get even with the victim once she gets out of jail, according to a separate police report filed with the department.

Tyra Love has been brought up on charges of retaliation for past action.

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Have you been sexually harassed at work?  Perhaps the misconduct at your job is not as obvious as the harassment received by the victim in the above article.  Just because an individual at your job does not physically touch you, does not mean it’s not sexual harassment.

Do you know what sexual harassment is?

Sexual harassment consists of unwanted requests for sexual favors, sexual advances, or other physical or verbal harassment of a sexual nature.  Sexual harassment also consists of

  • Sexual pranks, teasing, or jokes (either in person or by email);
  • Sexual comments or comments made with sexual undertones;
  • Repeated requests from someone asking you to socialize during off-duty hours;
  • Constant grabbing, touching or brushing up against a person or standing too close:
  • Constant gift giving or leaving objects for an individual;
  • Gestures that are sexually suggestive;
  • Posting or circulating offensive pictures, cartoons or sexually demeaning materials in the workplace;
  • Any conduct of a sexual nature or conduct that affects the work environment;

Much like the article above, sexual harassment can take place in a fast food restaurant, a five star restaurant, a corporate office setting, a dentist’s or doctor’s office; or just about anywhere.

Also sexual harassment is never limited to one specific gender. It can either be a woman or a man; and the victim or harasser can also be of the same sex. Furthermore, the harasser can be a supervisor, co-worker, an employee or a customer/client

If you are being sexually harassed, it’s important for you to know that you are not at fault.  Sexual harassment is never the fault of the victim.

If working in a hostile job environment is affecting your job performance, than you will want to seek the professional advice of an NYC, NJ, PA sexual harassment and employment law attorney immediately.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects employees from discrimination based on sex, race, color, national origin, and/or religion. Our attorneys here at the Derek Smith Law Group are knowledgeable in sexual harassment, discrimination and all areas of employment law. We are passionate about fighting for victims’ rights and will not stop until we have acquired full justice on your behalf.

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