Recent data suggest that sexual harassment in the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly commonplace. At the very least, the reporting rates have increased dramatically. Our New York sexual harassment attorneys are seeing significantly more claims of workplace harassment in the medical field than in past years.

In an appalling piece of employment law news, a number of highly respected doctors at Long Island’s Neurological Surgery PC have been accused of making lewd comments to female Physician Assistants, retaliation against those who complained, performing unneeded procedures on patients and taking lengthy breaks during surgery.
Jean Menghini worked as a physician’s assistant at Long Island’s premiere neurological surgery center for years before approaching her bosses to complain about the dangerous practices and degrading comments made by a number of the doctors at the practice. In return, she was fired. Menghini was told that the company was downsizing but believes her pink slip was issued as direct retaliation for reporting her concerns. She is suing for unspecified damages.

The lawsuit goes on to report that these doctors made inappropriate comments about her daughter and the girl’s friends. When confronted about the comments, she was assaulted with derogatory comments about her bust size and intelligence. Furthermore, she alleges that one of the doctors accused her of trying to sleep with his wife during an office holiday party.

Even more shocking is the fact that these doctors are being accused of endangering the lives of patients by performing needless surgeries, taking extensive breaks during surgery and behaving inappropriately with staff during surgeries.

At this time the allegations are being denied and an investigation is being carried out.

If you believe you have been the victim of NYC workplace sexual harassment, whether in the medical field or elsewhere, our team urges you to reach out to our firm for a consultation. Menghini reminds women that this is unacceptable behavior and should not be tolerated.
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