Women Reveals Apple’s Hostile Work Environment

California – Clandestine sexual harassment in the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, CA, has been unleashed through numerous female employees who believe men in the workplace have gone too far with sexual harassment and sexual joking at work. It’s illegal to subject employees to a hostile work environment and decide not to put a stop to the misbehavior.

Employees go to work for one reason, and the sole purpose of going to work is to complete their work duties at their highest performance level. Sexual harassment was not a part of the plan, however, some employees are exposed to workplace misconduct without an escape. In nearly 2000 words, a news article design by a reputable source, Mic, reported roughly a dozen women shared their sexual harassment experiences from Apple HQ.

According to the article, women represent a third of Apple’s labor force. An enormous amount of women alleged they were subjected to a hostile work environment. They claim the environment is very toxic and it discriminates against women. Gender discrimination is illegal in the workplace according to federal law, Title VII.

Title VII prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of color, race, religion, sex, gender, and national origin. In the event that any work establishment fails to comply with the federal law enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there are consequences that follow breaching the law.

Amongst the shared experiences, jokes regarding rape were one of the main issues women had at work. A female employee, Danielle, alleged that she overheard a male co-worker make jokes about rape. As a woman, it’s scary to be around an individual who finds humor in criminal sexual conduct at work. Criminal sexual conduct is where Danielle said she “draws the line.” The female employee said she reported her concerns for safety to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, and he did not provide a solution to her problem with sexism in the workplace.

On a separate occasion, another woman described her experience being the only woman in a room full of men during a meeting. She said the men were comfortable talking about their significant others in a demeaning manner and their words regarding women bothered her. The female employee had an issue with the way her male co-workers spoke about women in her presence and surprisingly her manager didn’t find any fault in their negative remarks. The manager didn’t address the female employee’s concerns either.

A woman named Claire filed a sexual harassment report against several male co-workers in her work division. After Claire made her sexual harassment report, the men threatened to subject her to hostility. As a result of the threat, Claire decided to take a demotion to prevent hostility. Treatment as such is unfair for an employee to tolerate at work. It’s even harder to rectify the problem when the majority of the people in the workplace fail to recognize that a problem exists.

In addition to sexual harassment and gender discrimination, women alleged they struggled with advancing their careers at Apple. No matter how much experience a woman has to fill a higher-level position, it appears the leaders at Apple tend to go an alternate route. Women also complain about battling “white male privilege” at work. It limits their ability to comfortably report sexual harassment without fear of experiencing workplace retaliation. The women continue to reiterate how their treatment at work is way past poor.

A representative for Apple argued, “Apple is committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect.” The Apple Corporation claims they address and investigate employee concerns as soon as they receive them. According to the prominent company, each concern the women highlighted has been rectified. Due to confidential reasons, the Apple Corporation must refrain from releasing details regarding the solutions to discrimination, sexual harassment, and workplace retaliation.

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