Trump holds Military Women Responsible for Sexual Assault

The presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has expressed his negative views on sexual harassment and sexual assault throughout his 2016 presidential campaign. Based on his views, survivors of sexual harassment are responsible for enduring sexual harassment. As a potential leader of the United States, it’s sad that he refuses to place the blame on the perpetrator. As individuals around the world suffer from sexual misconduct, Donald Trump continues to respond to the unethical behavior in a careless manner.

The same individuals he’s blaming for sexual harassment and sexual assault are the same people he needs to vote him in the upcoming election. If he declines to innovate arrangements to help survivors of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or criminal sexual conduct, especially in the workplace, there’s no telling what the future voters have in store for him. During previous months, Donald Trump was asked what advice he would give women in the workplace that suffered from sexual harassment. Trump strongly encouraged women to seek employment elsewhere to resolve their problems.

This advice does not come as a surprise to many women, considering Trump hasn’t been supportive of them at all. As a father of a woman in the workplace, one would think he would want to rectify the issue. Instead, he said if his daughter was a victim of sexual harassment he would expect her to find employment elsewhere or make the best of her situation. Trump is the same man who excused former Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes, from his sexual misconduct that led him to his resignation.

There’s only so much society can expect from Trump. The only person he is truly concerned about is himself. In addition to all the negative remarks Trump have made about women in the workplace, he has added some distasteful remarks about women in the military to the list. When the question regarding sexual assault in the military was raised, Trump’s response stated, “What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?”

The New York Times reported that the Pentagon’s records of sexual assault indicated there were nearly 20,300 attacks in during 2014, and men endured more than half of the attacks through same-sex sexual harassment, male hazing. Instead of analyzing the statistics that reflect sexual assault in the military, Trump assumed women were the primary victims of sexual assault and responsible for sexual assault. Although the presidential candidate discovered his statement was wrong, he decided to justify his actions as opposed to releasing an apology.

Gender equality becomes a more difficult task when leaders believe it’s better for women to leave the workplace when they face hardships as oppose to resolving the work-related issue and encouraging more women to join the workplace in leadership positions.

Women in the Military

Ever since the Revolutionary War, women who serve in the military have been engaging in combat just like men on various levels. Individuals alleged that Trump is unaware of the history in the military. He allegedly proposed an idea to build a military court as if a military court doesn’t already exist and play a major role in military sexual assault cases.

Men and women have had a hard time ascertaining a solution to escape sexual assault in the military. A U.S. Senator made an attempt to argue that an independent prosecutor needs to review sexual assault incidents as oppose to the individuals in the military court who might play a key role in sexual assault cases.

According to the history of sexual assault reports in the military, most individuals refrain from reporting sexual assault incidents out of fear of facing retaliation as most individuals who reported sexual assault endured. Although the U.S. Senator made a strong point, her proposition for change was denied allegedly due to a conflict of interest.

On numerous occasions, Trump has expressed that he could care less about what happens to women who suffer from sexual harassment and sexual assault. Trump has never been a part of the military, so he doesn’t have a clue what it feels like to be sexually assaulted. It is often misunderstood that if a potential leader doesn’t care then perhaps no one cares. This particular outlook on discovering assistance with sexual misconduct in a work environment couldn’t be more wrong.

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