All too often the decision to report a workplace violation and seek the help of a New York City sexual harassment attorney is fraught with fear and shame. Too many women in the workplace are silently accepting unacceptable behavior out of fear of retaliation and public shaming. As a result, sexual harassment in the workplace is reaching epidemic proportions.

Alexandra Tselios is a publisher and co-founder of The Big Smoke, an independent journalistic platform that connects writers, readers, and brands by allowing them to voice their unique stories and unbiased opinions. She recently wrote an informative article on the importance of employment sexual harassment victims sharing their stories.

In her article, Alexandra Tselios shares her personal experiences with workplace sexual harassment at the hands of various superiors, discusses the various forms harassment can take, and spotlights the need for more women to come forward with their sexual harassment stories. She urges victims to speak to and hire a sexual harassment attorney in their area to seek justice for themselves and others.

Tselios details her own account working for a harassing boss, “One minute my boss would demand work with a forced intimidation that one could argue was overcompensation. The very next minute he was asking me to help him find a woman online to ‘meet up with’ while his wife was on vacation… It never really occurred to me to report his illegal behavior.”

The more women who come forward to make a statement that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and openly share what happened to them, the less prevalent such acts become. Tselios goes on to share the experiences of other women and discusses the fears that keep women silent. The point of her article is to shine a light on the atmosphere of shame that surrounds such experiences and to explain that the only hope women have of not continuing to encounter these situations is to take a firm and proud stand against such behavior.

If you have been the victim of workplace sexual harassment in New York City, please contact a lawyer. You deserve to be treated well at work. You have rights – by standing up for yourself, you can help empower other women as well.

As Tselios says in her article, “I want to look at the role that power and dominance can play both from a position of hierarchical authority, or gender, and the nuances between jocular activity and the systematic approach to taking down another person, whatever the reason.”

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