Discrimination can prevent you from getting the job you want or from moving to the neighborhood that’s on the top of your list. In New York City, residents are protected by a long-standing law that’s been in effect since 1965 to prevent discrimination against specific groups called “protected classes.”
You can’t be denied a taxi ride because of your race or color, nor can a store stop you from shopping because of a disability. And if you’ve been asked during a job interview about your sexual orientation, the employer has violated the law.
The New York City Human Rights law, which was updated as recently as 2010, is very specific about citizens’ rights related to employment, housing and public accommodation. Protected classes under the law include:

Also, an employer cannot deny you a job due to an arrest record or because you’ve been a victim of domestic violence, stalking or sex offenses.
Harassment and bullying at work can take many forms. Have you noticed a pattern in how your boss makes job assignments? Or perhaps he or she has made it clear that your promotion hinges on how well you perform off the job? If you feel you’re a victim of discrimination and you need help in understanding your rights under the law, call an experienced New York City workplace discrimination attorney as soon as possible.