NYC Sexual Harassment News: Male Longshoreman Harassed By Male Boss

For those who think sexual harassment is a female-only problem – think again. New York longshoreman Michael Sabella has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, claiming that his male supervisor sexually harassed him. Sabella also alleges he was later fired after complaining about the hostile work environment.

According to the suit, Sabella, 48, says his boss routinely touched him and others inappropriately while working at the Red Hook pier in Brooklyn. Reports from the New York Daily News said Sabella testified before a federal jury that he was groped and digitally penetrated by his male machine boss in the break room.

Sabella alleges management failed to address or remedy the problem and subsequently terminated him in response to his complaints.

Myths about sexual harassment in NYC debunked

Our New York City Sexual Harassment lawyers have encountered countless clients who have heard mistruths about employment and harassment law.  As Sabella’s case in particular brings to light a few common misconceptions about sexual harassment law.

Myth: Only women can claim sexual harassment.

Reality: Anyone can be a victim of harassment – men, women, transgender, or any other sex/gender identity.

Myth: Men cannot sexually harass men.

Reality: Same-sex harassment by any sex or gender is unlawful.

Myth: Male-on-male sexual harassment can only occur if at least one person is gay.

Reality: When anyone is accused of sex harassment in NYC, sexual orientation is somewhat irrelevant. While it can be a factor in the case, it doesn’t matter if Sabella or his supervisor are both homosexual, heterosexual, or a combination of the two in a sexual harassment case. In fact, even if one person claimed sexual orientation discrimination, the law covers “actual or perceived” orientation – meaning whether or not you are actually gay, straight, bisexual, or other orientation does not matter.

Do not hesitate to speak with an attorney if you believe you are the victim of discrimination or harassment.

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