Sexual harassment runs rampant throughout New York City workplaces. However, much harassment goes unreported or underreported. Alternatively, complaints get dismissed because the victim does not go through the proper channels. A large portion of sexual harassment victims in and around NYC make common mistakes that jeopardize their right to justice ­ – and compensation.
At the Derek Smith Law Group, we are here to help you avoid common pitfalls and protect your sexual harassment case. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Not reporting harassment. Tell your supervisor and Human Resource representative about the inappropriate conduct. Follow all company procedures.
  • Not documenting the harassment. Keeps records and retain copies of emails, texts, phone calls, and all other evidence relating to the case.
  • Not telling the harasser to stop. Make it clear to your harasser that the behavior is unwelcome.
  • Not becoming familiar with anti-harassment policies. Read your employee handbook cover to cover. Learn the correct processes for
  • Not knowing what constitutes harassment. If you feel uncomfortable at work, learn about what behavior is acceptable – and what is illegal.
  • Not checking for an arbitration agreement. When you sign an employment contract, there may be an arbitration clause that limits your ability to bring a case to court.
  • Not filing a complaint in time. There are specific time limits in which to file a claim with the EEOC or a lawsuit with the court system. Failing to file in
  • Not contacting an attorney. Speak with an NYC lawyer as soon as you suspect harassment.

If you make a wrong turn at a point during your case, do not blame yourself. You are not at fault. Generally speaking, there are still probably ways to file a successful sexual harassment charge against your employer.

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