In a recently decided case, a Queens man was awarded damages after he brought a lawsuit for the sexual harassment he suffered on the job.
Both men and women are subject to sexual harassment in New York City — and both genders are protected from unlawful behavior in the workplace.
In a recent case, Lashley v Sheila Flynn and New Business Life Institute, a jury decided Corey Lashley unwittingly became trapped in a hostile workplace created by his employer, Sheila Flynn.

On an afternoon in April 2012, Mr. Lashley became acquainted with Ms. Flynn while visiting a nightclub. The two discussed careers in sales and education. Ms. Flynn noted she ran a “medical school,’ and invited Mr. Lashley to become involved as “Director of Admissions.” After that invitation, the following events occurred:

  • On that afternoon, Ms. Flynn asked Mr. Lashley to drive to her home to further discuss the position. Upon arrival, Mr. Lashley discovered he was expected to have sex with Ms. Flynn in order to obtain the job. Despite feeling guilty, Mr. Lashley had sex with Ms. Flynn.
  • Mr. Lashley assembled a sales team and boosted the enrollment figures at New Business Life Institute as he agreed. During this time, Ms. Flynn continued to pressure Mr. Lashley for sex.
  • By May, Ms. Flynn was offering to make rent, car and child support payments for Mr. Lashley if he would divorce his wife. Mr. Lashley refused but he had sex with Ms. Flynn at least one more time.
  • In June, Mr. Lashley finally ended the sexual relationship and was terminated shortly thereafter by Ms. Flynn.

A jury awarded Mr. Lashley $10,000 damages for lost wages and $30,000 in punitive damages for the sexual harassment, hostile workplace and retaliation he suffered at the hands of Ms. Flynn.
Take steps if your supervisor makes inappropriate requests for sex or sexual favors. When you have questions about sexual harassment in the New York City workplace, speak with a skilled employment lawyer.