A high-ranking female executive in the Major League Baseball offices has filed a lawsuit for gender discrimination against league Executive Vice President and Hall of Fame player Frank Robinson, Commissioner Bud Selig and Major League Baseball as an organization. Sylvia Lind, the Director of Baseball initiatives, claims in the suit that MLB has a long demonstrated history of shunning females, particularly minority females, in favor of males for executive positions.
In her lawsuit, Lind cites the fact that approximately 40 percent of all players are foreign-born, and states that there is an extreme disparity in terms of the amount of minorities hired within league offices. Of the 52 people working in MLB offices with the title “Vice President” or higher, only two of them are Hispanic and only 12 are women, with none of those women being Hispanic.
Lind also claims to have been the target of workplace discrimination numerous times within MLB offices since originally being hired in 1995. She claims that Robinson is a sexist and is unqualified for his position and that Bud Selig runs the league like an “old boy’s club.” She alleges that Selig chose to hire Robinson over Lind as Director of Minor League Operations, despite her claims of being significantly more qualified for the position. After the hiring, Lind claims that Robinson was unfair in his performance reviews and refused to grant her any type of promotion because she is a woman.
Lind is seeking monetary damages of an unspecified amount in the lawsuit. Major League Baseball stated that the claims in the lawsuit are without merit.
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