Ralph Oberdorf, a licensed practical nurse from Williamsport, Pa. has filed suit against his former employer claiming that he was subjected to gender discrimination during his two year employment.

Oberdorf filed paperwork Tuesday pertaining to the suit against Consulate Management Co. of Maitland, Fla., and Manor at Penn Village in Selinsgrove.  He says that before he was wrongfully terminated, he was treated very different than his female coworkers; by being subjected to rude behavior and being disciplined for things that his female counterparts were not.  He was also spoken to in a condescending manner.  At one point, he says he was told that if he was a nurse, he must be gay.

He claims that he reported the misconduct on several occasions to management but says that there was never any investigation and nothing was done to resolve the issues.

However, later his last discrimination complaint, he was terminated.  Oberdorf has advised that he will be changing the lawsuit to involve alleged violations of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

He is requesting a court order which would mandate the defendants to implement a work policy to avoid discrimination in the future and he is seeking compensatory and punitive damages of an unspecified dollar amount.

Are you or someone you know being discriminated against or working in a hostile job environment?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission prohibits employers to discriminate against employees or job applicants based on race, color, sex, religion, or national origin.  All types of discrimination including gender discrimination are illegal.  EEOC discrimination laws protect NYC, NJ & Philadelphia victims from discrimination and all employment violations.  No individual should have to work in a hostile job environment.

Discrimination is a selfish act; it involves someone passing judgment on another individual primarily based on appearance.  Discrimination is wrong; whether it’s based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, skin color, national origin or disability.  Our lawyers at the Derek Smith Law Firm empathize with every victim who has wrongfully been prejudged and discriminated against.

Our attorneys will fight on your behalf to get you justice. If you or someone you know has experienced working in a hostile job environment; either from discrimination or sexual harassment, you should immediately contact an NYC, NJ, PA employment discrimination attorney at the Derek Smith Law Group PLLC.

No individual deserves to be subjected to unfair treatment or working in a hostile job environment.

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