New York City Sexual Harassment Lawyers – Back in 2007, a jury awarded Madison Square Garden executive Anucha Browne Sanders $11.6 million in damage stemming from a New York City sexual harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit. A jury found that Sanders had been sexually harassed by then-New York Knicks coach and NBA Detriot Pistons Basketball great Isiah Thomas, and then had been wrongfully terminated after complaining about the harassment.
Now, Thomas has been hired as the WNBA’s New York Liberty president and also part-owner – sending a shock wave across the NBA and WNBA as well as raising concerns from many on the female basketball team and their management. Thomas consistently maintains his innocence, despite the jury’s ruling.
To ease players’ anxieties, Thomas and Madison Square Garden owner James Dolan, met with the Liberty team  to clear the air, answer questions the female basketball players may have, and address the uncomfortable situation head-on.
“My personal experience with Isiah Thomas has been nothing but professional … and I expect it to remain the same moving forward,” liberty veteran Essence Carson said. “And I would expect it to be that way for players 1 through 12, 1 through 15 and the entire office on the Liberty side.”
The WNBA still must approve Thomas’ ownership bid, and the team’s union expressed they were “monitoring” the situation.

 What should I do if I company I work for has a history of sexual harassment complaints?

When you accept a new position at a new company, it’s important you recognize that the job is a good fit for both you and the employer. In some cases, you might be dealing with a New York City business that has a history of sexual harassment and gender discrimination complaints. Alternatively, you may work for a company who has now hired someone who has been involved in prior sexual harassment legal disputes.
What do you do in an uncomfortable situation like this? You certainly do not need to put yourself in harm’s way. By being diligent and doing your homework, you can help ensure you’ll stay protected from unethical and illegal behavior:

  • Ask HR. Feel free to have a candid, yet professional, discussion with your Human Resources representative about how the company handles employment-related disputes and if they have an official employee handbook.
  • Perform an Internet search. A quick Google search about your employer or potential employer may turn up some results about past litigation or allegations. Once you understand the business’ record and how they handled any previous legal dispute, you’ll have a better idea of the company as a whole.
  • Talk to employees. If you get a chance to speak with current or former employees before you take a job, ask them about the general working environment and how upper management treats employees. Be respectful, but direct.
  • Consult an attorney. If you have major concerns, or if you have been the victim of sexual harassment, consult an NYC lawyer to learn more about your rights. You may even be able to file a complaint if you witnessed sexual harassment, and you were not the direct target.

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