A gay man who sought help from Brooklyn Medical Center as he suffered flu symptoms is now suing the hospital for workplace discrimination.

Mark Hodson, 34, criticized the hospital claiming that they made fun of him and assumed he was a drug addict that had AIDS.

Mr. Hodson says that the hospital ignored him as he lay unconscious on the floor of the emergency room floor by cruel workers and a healthcare aide called him a “f—“ a “junkie” and a faker.

According to the Brooklyn Federal Court suit, Hodson who had been going through a severe case of Influenza walked into the hospital emergency room at the hospital in Park Slope on Sept 1.  He was too weak from the illness and barely able to stand, so as the staff helped him to the emergency room past the other patients and the security guard, he collapsed onto the floor.  After passing out, an unidentified healthcare aide complained quite loudly about how he did not want to help Hodson, saying that he probably had AIDS.

Hodson was suffering flu symptoms with a fever of 104-degrees when he arrived at the hospital in Park Slope on Sept. 1, the Brooklyn Federal Court suit says.  He was “shunted” into a chair at the hospital office, fell to the floor and again struck his head which caused a seizure, the suit says.

“The nurse screamed that she was going to lose her license, to which the health care aide retorted, ‘This f– isn’t going to cause you to lose your license,'” the suit alleges.

As if that wasn’t enough, an orderly finally moved Hodson.  That was when he found out his credit cards, jewelry and iPhone were stolen out of his bag. The criminal used his credit card at a restaurant located directly across the street from the hospital.

“Simply put, Mr. Hodson suffered 11 hours of total torture,” according to what his attorney reported in the court papers.

Hodson and his husband, Babak Kheshti, who is also a plaintiff in the suit, both say the  experience has been a nightmare to Hodson which has caused them extreme physical and emotional suffering.

No discriminatory treatment by hospital physicians has been alleged in the suit.

A response from New York Methodist Hospital has not immediately been made available.

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