Gender Discrimination Allegations rise in Fox Sports

California – Sexual harassment lawsuits have been consistently appearing in the media regarding former Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes. Prior to Ailes first major sexual harassment case, Fox Sports was accused of workplace discrimination. A female reporter, Colleen Dominguez, asserts she was excluded from receiving work assignments due to her gender and age in comparison to younger employees.

The younger employees were allegedly less experienced than Dominquez, and they managed to obtain assignments Dominquez presumed she should have received. Dominguez claims a supervisor stated, “We don’t handle veteran female reporters well.” Prior to receiving the unwanted information from a supervisor, Dominguez alleged that a co-worker informed her about a video one of the producers was ordered to a record of her including her face and body. Dominguez said she doesn’t recall any former or current employee being recorded.

Dominguez spoke to a long-term Fox producer regarding her work ethic and performance. The producer informed her that her work performance met the company’s expectations. During one of their conversations, the Fox producer told Dominguez that she “hadn’t done anything wrong at all.”

The producer also informed Dominguez, “Just because 5 men at a company want to be gratified by 24-year-old women doesn’t make you bad at your job.” After reviewing several potential reasons for being excluded from specific assignments, Dominguez became more convinced that Fox Sports were discriminating against her based on her age and gender.

During an attempt to have the age and gender discrimination case dismissed, Fox Sports argued that programming shifts prevented Dominguez from receiving assignments. Reports do not indicate that Dominguez has experienced this issue regarding assignments in the past. Fox Sports added that her looks did not serve a purpose in their decision.

Fox further argued that they publicly gave Dominguez a “lucrative and high-profile contract,” and questioned why she believes they would counteract the positive publicity they received and engage in gender and age discrimination against her. Fox claims the time frame between the contract signing and the discrimination allegations does not qualify as a discrimination period.

A judge in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California declined the case dismissal. The judge decided to let the plaintiff’s lawsuit to move forward. The attorneys representing both parties are currently examining the evidence in the case to determine which information will be revealed, and which information will be held in confidence, including text messages and emails.

Dominguez attorney released a comment insinuating Dominguez wasn’t hired based on her level of intelligence. Fox Sports appears to be more interested in the appearance of their female reporters beyond their work attire. Fox Sports denied the plaintiff’s gender and age discrimination allegations. A Fox representative said, “The allegations are not true and we are confident that we will prevail based on the facts.” After the plaintiff’s “deposition” arranged to take place next month, her attorneys plan to acquire a testimony from various executives.

According to the gender discrimination lawsuit, Dominguez was 54 during the time she filed the lawsuit against Fox Sports. Ever since her contract concluded in February, Dominguez has not been able to work.

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