Fox Network Former Female Employees Speak Up

New York – Fox News has been slammed with sexual harassment due to the questionable and sexual acts by former CEO Roger Ailes. Prior to the major sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former Fox New Host, Gretchen Carlson, women including Laurie Luhn, were sexually harassed by Ailes dating back decades ago. Carlson’s case managed to reveal the truth to the world, and then Ailes resigned.
Fox News and 21st Century, parent company, takes pride in stating, “they do not tolerate such behavior and have strict policies prohibiting it,” referring to sexual harassment. According to one of the network’s representatives, Fox New does not have a place for unethical behavior to interfere with women in the workplace, in spite of all the sexual scandals they withheld from the public, and silenced with compensation and a confidential agreement.
Individuals may question the truth behind Fox Network’s views on workplace misconduct. The policies indicate one perspective while the process of handling sexual harassment reveals another perspective. This is a prime example of what people mean when they refer to companies’ reasons behind incorporating sexual harassment polices for liability purposes as oppose to ethical beliefs.
Although Ailes made an attempt to deny Carlson’s sexual harassment allegations, other the women managed to confirm Ailes wrongdoings, and provide proof of an excessive payout within the same time frame of their sexual harassment scenario to corroborate their stories.
The evidence leads society to believe individuals within the Fox Network possessing executive power, initially including Roger Ailes, have not been punished for their actions. Fox Network didn’t release a counterargument for the conclusion of the pattern for resolving sexual harassment allegations and lawsuits.

Law Professors Comment on Sexual Harassment by Men of Power

A law professor from the Harvard Law School and the University of Michigan said, “A lot of men have gotten away with sexual harassment with absolutely no consequences.” The law professor also stated, “The real rule is that the more powerful a man is, the more he gets away with.”
Victims face hardships before and after sexual harassment takes place. Experiencing sexual harassment is the first wave of hardships. Workplace retaliation or termination, and/or a damaged reputation are the second set of hardships. It is a tragic reality that victims of sexual harassment face.
Another law professor from the University of Connecticut said, “Employees are rewarded for shielding powerful people in the organization.” He concluded, “That’s the culture in many workplace settings.”

Sexual Harassment Settlement hinders Justice

Sexual harassment at work brings forth terrible publicity. According to the severity of the sexual harassment, the work related issue could taint a company’s reputation. As a result of protecting the company, perpetrators of power become the least of a company’s problem.
The goal is to make the sexual harassment issue vanish, and sexual harassment settlements provide the escape companies need. After a victim and the accused reach a settlement, both parties usually agree not to discuss the details of the settlement. “Complete confidentiality is usually the condition for a settlement,” according to a civil rights lawyer.
As more company’s take the sexual harassment settlement route, and oppose to litigation. The purpose of the settlement becomes questionable. Most defendants argue that they want to cut back on litigation fees, but they’re will to make a huge settlement payout. A part of most sexual harassment settlements include no one being held responsible for any misconduct at work, and refraining from warning others about becoming a victim of a perpetrator who continues to roam the halls of the workplace.
Sexual harassment settlements do not seek justice for a victim, mostly compensation, but does that solve the problem? No, and that’s what corporations fail to realize. It appears the law doesn’t matter, while male and female employees are suffering. Corporations will consistently find themselves in sexual harassment scandals, until they resolve the issue. Roger Ailes is living proof of the cycle. Due to the external investigation that produced an immeasurable amount of evidence regarding the sexual harassment allegations, Ailes was “demanded” to resign.

Sexual Harassment Attorneys

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