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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – a former employee of Greyhound says that she was constantly harassed by management and a co-worker and in an attempt to hide the negligence on their part, she was wrongfully terminated.
On November 16, Dorriea M. Lee filed a lawsuit against the Philadelphia company for gender discrimination and retaliation.
The lawsuit which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania indicates that in the months prior to February, Lee was regularly sexually harassed by a maintenance worker who commented about her breasts and buttocks. She complained about the incident later on in the day and management requested that she report the matter the following day at work.

On Feb. 12, the former customer service agent was called into the office by management and questioned, asking where she was on February 6th.  Management claimed that Lee was pulled out of service for supposedly being absent from her workstation.  However Lee states that management spotted her sitting in her car between assignments to keep warm.  She further added that she was advised “as long as you do the bus that is alright” however on February 18, management informed her that she was being terminated for abandoning her workstation on February 6.
Lee is seeking damages for pain, suffering, mental anguish, suffering and lost wages.  The amount is yet to be determined by the court.

Know the signs of New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia Workplace Sexual Harassment

Just because your co-worker or supervisor compliments your clothes, that may not necessarily constitute as sexual harassment however when that co-worker or supervisor comments on your clothes in a sexual way, that is crossing the line to the possibility of sexual harassment.
Also if your co-worker or supervisor makes a joke or two while you sit at your work cubicle, that may not mean that he or she is sexually harassing you.  However when that joke has offensive or sexual undertones; or he or she continually makes comments or jokes about race, age or gender, then the situation may need further evaluation.
Sexual harassment doesn’t always have to be subtle, it can be quite aggressive and obvious. The bottom line is, if it feels uncomfortable to you, then you probably need to speak with a legal professional about what you are experiencing. If you are working in a hostile job environment, our lawyers here at the Derek Smith Law Group strongly urge you to give us a call.
We feel it’s important to let you know that as New York City sexual harassment and employment law attorneys, we are passionate about fighting for your rights and getting justice on your behalf.
No one should have to work in a hostile job environment; one that affects his or her job performance or is causing mental distress.

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