An employee known for his colorful suits has filed his own discrimination lawsuit against CNN.

In 2002, William Kane began working for news network CNN as a microphone technician. During his tenure with CNN, Mr. Kane was known for his colorful clothing, including mariachi and tracksuits in differing bold colors.

Coupled with matching sombrero, Mr. Kane was admired on the CNN set. Anchor Christine Amanpour tweeted a picture of herself smiling with Mr. Kane, and anchor Erin Burnett referred to Mr. Kane as the “best-dressed man” working on her program. Mr. Kane also enjoyed the loose tradition of other technical department employees who wore colorful shirts on Thursdays each week.

According to the $60 million lawsuits recently filed against CNN by Mr. Kane, the civil treatment he enjoyed at his workplace changed when his supervisor learned he was gay. MrKane alleges the following:

  • John Silva, the immediate supervisor of Mr. Kane, told him he did not want him to wear his black or yellow mariachi suits.
  • According to Mr. Silver, the request was made “because it was too flamboyant for a male in our department.”
  • Later, Mr. Silver added Mr. Kane might be better suited if employed in the “entertainment or make-up department.”

Mr. Kane notes Anderson Cooper, who is openly gay, overheard Mr. Silva berate Mr. Kane for wearing a red tracksuit.
People who suffer discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation often quit or lose jobs. In the case of Mr. Kane, he was fired in 2013.

If you suffer discrimination or harassment on the job in New York due to your sexual orientation, speak with an experienced employment and labor attorney for skilled legal guidance.