After completing a year-long investigation into the admissions process, the U.S. Department of Education has determined that Princeton University has been found not guilty of discrimination when it comes to applicants of Asian-American and Asian descent.

The Office for Civil Rights initiated a compliance review in January 2008 after two people complained that they were denied admission to the school’s classes of 2010 and 2015 based on their national origin and race.

One of the complaints came from Jian Li, from Livingston, NJ.  Li, who was born in China but grew up in Livingston, said that even though he graduated in the top one percent of his high school class, having perfect SAT scores and receiving honors, Princeton still denied his admission.  He also indicated that other supreme universities had denied him as well.

The investigation did find that during the admissions process, the university uses national origin and race as two of several elements involving the consideration of its applicants but it is not done so as an action of discrimination.

In a September 9, letter addressed to the university President Christopher Eisgruber, the Office For Civil Rights indicated “OCR found no evidence of the university giving an automatic ‘plus’ for identifying as a particular race or national origin, nor did OCR find evidence of applicants given an automatic ‘minus’ for belonging to a particular race or national origin.”

Eisgruber was beyond satisfied with the outcome indicating “I am very pleased that the OCR has concluded this investigation not only with a finding that Princeton does not discriminate on the basis of race or national origin, but that the university’s holistic review of applicants in pursuit of its compelling interest in diversity meets the standards set by the Supreme Court.”

Although Princeton was cleared of any and all accusations concerning alleged acts of discrimination, that does not mean that discrimination is non-existent.

Discrimination is a selfish act of intolerance based on ignorance and obscurity. No one should be judged based on his or her skin color, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender nor disability.

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