Philadelphia Human Relations Commission eliminates CEO of ASPIRA

Philadelphia – Sexual harassment allegations have been raised against the CEO of ASPIRA, Alfredo Calderon. According to a new report by Fox 29, the former chief academic officer of ASPIRA, Evelyn Nunez, accused Calderon of sexually harassing her and retaliating against her in the workplace. As a result of experiencing sexual harassment, Nunez decided to become a district principal. ASPIRA is a non-profit organization that provides service to the Hispanic community.

In addition to serving as the CEO for ASPIRA, Calderon was in charge of operating five charter schools in Philadelphia. After sexual harassment allegations surfaced, the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations eliminated Calderon from the board by Mayor Jim Kenney’s orders. After Fox 29 released news regarding Calderon’s alleged sexual relations, a representative said, the mayor finalized his decision. The mayor’s representative recanted the statement and said the mayor decided to remove Calderon from the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations prior to the sexual harassment report. The sexual harassment report did not play a role in the decision to remove Calderon according to Mayor Kenney.

The details of the sexual harassment settlement were not disclosed. Nunez managed to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Calderon. However, the sexual harassment lawsuit was settled outside of court without admission of any fault on either side. The legal records indicated that the sexual harassment lawsuit concluded in a $350k settlement. The settlement’s payout and an additional $151k for attorney expenses were covered by ASPIRA’s insurance.

A great deal of individuals may frown upon the sexual harassment settlement considering it fails to resolve the root of the problem in the workplace. A settlement payout doesn’t remove the workplace misconduct from the work environment or prevent the alleged harasser from engaging in the unprofessional sexual behavior with a new victim.

Other women allegedly suffered from sexual harassment as well, but fear continues to silence them from coming forward. According to ASPIRA, the nonprofit organization does have a “no tolerance policy” for discrimination. Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination and does not belong in any work facility especially a nonprofit organization.

Jeff Cole, an investigative reporter, inquired about Calderon’s sexual harassment allegations after the settlement. Calderon’s response stated, “Sir, I am willing to set up a meeting, sir.” According to Cole, he never received an opportunity to have a meeting with Calderon. One of Calderon’s representatives said Calderon could not comment on the sexual harassment suit for legal reasons. The representative did make a note that ASPIRA has many women holding leadership positions, and they will continue to hire women in those positions.

Mayor Kenney authorized Calderon’s removal from the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations on September 8, 2016, via a letter. Calderon allegedly maintained a busy schedule that caused his absence during important meetings. Calderon claims he expected to be dismissed from the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.

An individual, Lisa Haver, from the Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools lauded Mayor Kenney for his decision. The same individual also encouraged the School Reform Commission to consider removing Calderon from operating some of the charter schools due to poor management. Haver claims the SRC have a chance to remove the charter schools from ASPIRA during an upcoming meeting that will allow them to vote. As of present day, Calderon is still the CEO of ASPIRA and operator of several charter schools in Philadelphia.

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