AARP, Inc. is an organization dedicated to issues facing those who are 50+ years of age. Recently AARP conducted a survey of New Yorkers over the age of 50 to learn more about workplace age discrimination in New York City. The results are startling:

  • 48 percent of the survey respondents report having personally experienced, or knowing someone over 50 who has experienced, age discrimination in the workplace or while seeking employment
  • 26 percent had been turned down for a job due to their age
  • 24 percent had been passed over for a raise or promotion because of their age
  • 23 percent were laid off, fired, or forced out of a job after turning 50
  • 27 percent had been encouraged or required to retire earlier than they had wanted to
  • 23 percent were subjected to unwelcome comments about their age
  • 50 percent want to delay their retirement for financial reasons

The age discrimination lawyers at New York City’s Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC think you should be surprised at these results for one very simple reason. Workplace age discrimination is illegal. The primary federal law is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), which broadly bans age discrimination in hiring, termination, promotion, wages, and layoff decisions. New York State and New York City laws provide even more protection for older workers.

If you are the victim of workplace age discrimination, learn your rights by contacting our law firm today.