Have you faced unfair or inappropriate treatment in the office due to your gender? If so, you may be a victim of sex harassment. While harassment at your job can be difficult and upsetting to deal with, remember that as an employee you have rights in the workplace. Consult the information provided below, and if you feel that you are a victim of employment sexual harassment or sex/gender discrimination call today for a free consultation with one of the New York City sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek T. Smith Law Group, PLLC to have all your questions answered and learn more about your options as an employee.

What is sexual harassment in New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia?

New York City sex harassment can occur in the workplace under a variety of conditions, but in general, it involves an unwanted condition imposed on your employment because of your gender. You may find yourself subject to one or more of the following behaviors from a superior:

  • Unwelcome or unsolicited sexual advances
  • Hostility towards your gender or sex
  • Offensive or pervasive acts toward one gender, or encouragement of a workplace atmosphere that treats employees of a certain gender inappropriately or insidiously

New York City, New Jersey or Philadelphia Sexual Harassment Laws

There are two basic categories of New York City & Philadelphia sex harassment, and most cases fall into at least one:

  • Quid pro quo. Quite literally, quid pro quo means something for something. In situations involving this type of New York City, New Jersey or Philadelphia office harassment, an employee is forced to choose to submit to the sexual demands of a superior, or face adverse consequences (e.g., getting fired, losing pay, being refused a promotion) if he or she refuses.
  • Hostile environment. In situations involving a hostile work environment, an employee or group of employees must prove that the following conditions were met:
    • A protected class was subjected to unwelcome harassment
    • The harassment was sexual in nature
    • The harassment affected a term, condition, or privilege of employment
    • The conduct was severe and pervasive
    • The employer was or should have been aware of the harassment and did not take necessary remedial action (the employer took no action at all, took insufficient action, or exacerbated the problem)

Harassment law is constantly evolving, and there are a number of factors and details that are considered in determining New York City, New Jersey or Philadelphia workplace harassment, including the following:

  • The response of the employer to formal complaints filed internally
  • The existing policies, procedures, and training protocol that relate to workplace harassment in New York City, New Jersey or Philadelphia.

New York City, New Jersey or Philadelphia sexual harassment lawyers

Every harassment lawsuit in New York City contains unique elements, and only an experienced sexual harassment attorney can determine the viability of your case. Contact a New York City harassment lawyer from Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC today for more information.

For more information on New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania labor & employment laws, and other types of Sexual Harassment and Employment Discrimination visit our New York City Employment Law Blog


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