Sexual Harassment Attacks Hedge Fund Employees

Read How Workplace Sexual Harassment Invades High-Finance Wall Street is a fast-paced, high-finance, and action-packed section in New York City. Companies fight to make sure their clients’ investments grow beyond their expectations. One of the riskiest forms of investments with the highest rate of return is hedge funds. Hedge funds are not for everyone. They are for those looking to invest large sums of money in a more sophisticated way. Those who work within hedge funds are extremely knowledgeable regarding high-finance investments. They are often considered the best of the best financial experts. Therefore, it is natural to assume that ... Read more

Working Moms: What Are Your Rights at Work?

Learn your Rights as a Working Mother to Overcome Discrimination, Harassment, Daily Prejudice, and Bias at Work For years, employees across the United States have attempted to balance a career and caring for their children. Since 1993, federal and state laws enforce a mother’s ability to take leave from work for childbirth and afterbirth care. Laws are even in place to protect a woman’s right to pump during the workday. Yet, many expectant moms and new mothers are unaware of their rights. In some cases, federal laws do not apply. However, many state laws pick up where the federal law ... Read more

8 Payday Rules Your Employer May Be Breaking

Learn About the Biggest Paycheck Rules Your Employer May Violate Regularly Your paycheck is how you pay your bills, save money, and enjoy life. When your employer plays fast and loose with your paycheck, you suffer. Even people that love their job do not work for free. So, when your employer decides to unfairly tamper with your paycheck or even keep your paycheck from you, you have the right to fight back. Learn more about your rights regarding payroll, so you know when your company is breaking the law. 1. Your Boss Must Pay You as Promised The first two ... Read more

The Effects the Gender Pay Gap has on Women

How Does the Gender Wage Gap Impact Retirement, Salary Increases, and Budgeting? Women typically earn $.82 to every dollar that men earn. The difference in pay between men and women is known as the gender wage gap. The gender wage gap is a systemic gender discrimination issue in which women are offered lower starting salaries than men. As a result, they consistently earn less than men throughout their careers. While federal laws specifically prohibit wage disparities due to gender, the gender wage gap continues to exist. Many times, employees do not discuss salaries with one another. Therefore, women are unaware ... Read more

What is the Purpose of Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?

Disability and Family Leave Laws Help Employees Deal with Illness and Injury Many illnesses that require employees to take extended sick leave are also considered covered disabilities. As a result, both disability laws and family leave laws can help protect your right to maintain your job while caring for your medical needs. The ADA and FMLA can help you avoid negative employment actions. The laws require your employer to give you the right to take care of your medical needs without getting fired from work or face other punishments for missing work. Learn how you can use both disability laws ... Read more

NYS ADULT SURVIVORS ACT: Adults Can Now Sue for Sexual Assault No Matter How Many Years Ago It Happened

How the New York State Adult Survivor Act Helps Adult Victims of Sexual Assault and Rape On May 25, 2022, New York’s Governor Hochul signed the Adult Survivor Act into law. Under the law, anyone who experienced sexual assault or rape within the State of New York after the age of 18 has one year to file a lawsuit against their attacker and others, even if the statute of limitations has long expired. The law provides an important one-year look-back window for all adult victims of sexual assault within the entire state of New York. Read on to learn about ... Read more

Can Men Become the Victims of Sexual Harassment at Work?

How Do Men in the Workplace Get Targeted as Victims of Sexual Harassment? Sexual harassment in the workplace affects approximately 86% of the workforce. 59% of women and 27% of men in the workforce have experienced sexual harassment at work. Sexual harassment at work is not just a woman’s problem. It affects men in the workplace often. Men may be more fearful of reporting sexual harassment. They may fear that they will be attacked for being weak. They may fear intense retaliation for standing up against the “man’s world” culture that many workplaces try to instill. They may even fear ... Read more

What Do You Need to Prove Wrongful Termination?

The Elements Needed to Make a Wrongful Termination Claim Against Your Employer When you get fired from work, you want someone to blame. You want to know what you did that got you targeted as the next person out. Sometimes, your termination is truly legitimate. You may have been downsized because your department is no longer needed. You may have been terminated because your work product has not been up to the company’s standards for some time. In many states, you can get fired just because your boss no longer wants to work with you. Most states maintain at-will employment ... Read more

Can You Get Fired from Work for Requesting a Disability Accommodation?

What Are Your Rights to Reasonable Accommodations Under Disability Discrimination Laws? The law defines a disability as a medical condition that inhibits your ability to perform one or more daily functions. Disabilities can relate to physical health conditions or mental health conditions. They can place severe limitations on your ability to move about the day. However, they can also play minor limitations on your ability to complete tasks throughout your day. Sometimes, individuals with disabilities will need adjustments to their workplace to help them get through the day. In some cases, they need access to a ramp or wider aisles ... Read more

The Effects of Gender Discrimination on Roles and Wages in the Workplaces

How Gender Discrimination Affects the Roles and Wages of Men and Women in the Workplace We are well into the 21st century. The world is no longer a world of men working and women staying home with the children. There are two-income families, single-parent families, same-sex parents, and families without children in today’s world. Men and women can work almost any job they wish to work. There are women in construction and men working as nurses and preschool teachers. Many women own businesses that cater to all people and industries. Some men choose to be the stay-at-home parent to care ... Read more

Did Your Age Lead to a Layoff and Severance Package (40 or above)?

Offering Voluntary Severance Packages to Employees Over Age 40 Can Violate Age Discrimination Laws  Many companies try to avoid a mandatory Reduction in Force at all costs. They may attempt to rearrange positions or move employees to other locations. Sometimes, they offer a voluntary severance agreement to anyone who chooses to leave their position during these times. The voluntary severance agreement allows employees to volunteer to leave a company. As a result, they receive benefits. These benefits include extended salary payments and continued insurance coverage for a contracted time frame. In return, the employee cannot file a lawsuit against the ... Read more

How Do You Know If You Are Discriminated Against at Work?

Discrimination can be difficult to prove. Learn what to look for to see if you are facing discrimination at work. Employment discrimination is more prominent than many people believe. It may no longer occur as blatant, in-your-face, actions of discrimination (although that still occurs). However, most times, it is a subtle act that often gets excused as just part of the workplace culture. Discrimination should never be part of the workplace culture. Everyone has the right to the same opportunities and safety. Your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or other protected characteristics should not affect your ability to receive ... Read more

Find the Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles 

How to Search for the Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles for Your Claim When you experience sexual harassment in the workplace, you may be wondering where you can turn. You need to find a trusted advocate that can help you fight for justice in Los Angeles. However, if you turn to the internet, there are hundreds of listings for individuals claiming to be sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles. There is an art to narrowing down potential sexual harassment lawyers. When searching for an attorney, one of the most important factors is to understand that not all lawyers ... Read more

5 Ways Race Discrimination Goes Unnoticed in the Workplace

Not All Acts of Race Discrimination Are Easy to Spot  Race discrimination in the workplace has been occurring since the beginning of time. While federal and state laws prohibit all forms of race discrimination, employers may still try to find ways to get away with it. However, they try to be a bit craftier and hide their actions. Whether blatantly out in the open or more subtle, race discrimination in the workplace is illegal. Protect yourself by knowing the five most common ways race discrimination goes unnoticed in the workplace. 1. You Are Stereotyped Based on Your Race  People often ... Read more

What Can You Do If Your Paycheck Is Incorrect?

How to Address Payroll Errors with Your Employer Mistakes happen. Sometimes, payroll and human resources make errors. They may dock you a couple of hours or forget to issue a paycheck on time for some reason or another. The key is that they must correct their mistakes quickly or risk legal trouble.  When your employer shorts your money in your paycheck or misses a paycheck entirely, you have a right to ask for it to be corrected. You also have a right to ask your employer to ensure it never happens again. However, what can you do if the problem continues or your employer retaliates ... Read more

Can My Boss Make Me Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

A Non-Compete Clause in Your Employment Contract Prevents You from Working for Your Competitors. Is It Legal?  Many employers want to prevent employees from working for their competitors. They accomplish this result by requiring employees to sign a non-compete agreement when they begin working for the company. It may be a separate agreement or part of your employment contract (a non-compete clause). When you sign a non-compete agreement, you agree to avoid working for competitors or opening a competing business within a specific mile radius for a specific time frame. However, not all states allow non-compete agreements. Many states say ... Read more

Me Too: Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention

How the #MeToo Movement Changed Sexual Harassment Forever In 2006, the Me-Too movement began. It was an effort to bring awareness to sexual harassment and sexual assault across the country. Countless women began telling their stories of sexual harassment and assault at work and on college campuses. In 2017, Actress Alyssa Milano brought national attention to the movement with #MeToo across all social media platforms. Soon, everyone knew someone that had experienced some form of sexual harassment or sexual assault. It may have happened to your mother, sister, brother, father, neighbor, uncle, aunt, best friend, or child. #MeToo allowed people ... Read more

President Biden’s Executive Order, the COVID Vaccine, and Your Employee Rights

Can the Federal Government Force You to Get Vaccinated Against Coronavirus without Providing Religious or Medical Exemptions? President Biden recently announced a new executive order that requires employers with 100 or more employees to require their employees to get the COVID vaccine or submit to weekly Coronavirus testing. In the same executive order, he required all federal employees and contractors to get vaccinated. However, they do not have the option to test out of the vaccine. Furthermore, the mandate requires healthcare workers in medical facilities receiving Medicaid and Medicare funding, Head Start teachers, and employees in education facilities receiving federal ... Read more

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Reach the New York Governor’s Office

Investigation Leads to Allegations Against Andrew Cuomo for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Sexual harassment allegations flood New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office after the NY Attorney General’s office completed their investigation. Allegations against the New York Governor of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, retaliation against a whistleblower, and an overall hostile work environment came to light in February 2021. As a result of the allegations, the Attorney General’s office appointed Joon Kim and Anne Clark as special investigators. Their investigation uncovered 11 women who were allegedly sexually harassed by the New York governor. The allegations also claim the Governor created ... Read more

Top Reasons You Need an Attorney Review of Your Severance Agreement

An Attorney Review of Your Severance Agreement Can Ensure You Do Not Leave Money on the Table. Many companies conduct employee layoffs for various reasons. They may need to change their company goals and remove an entire department. They may need to reduce staff due to a reduction in revenue. They may be selling the company and need to reorganize to complete the sale. Whatever the reason, legal layoffs are a normal part of company culture. While the law does not mandate it, many companies will offer executives and employees severance packages upon termination. They offer these separation agreements to ... Read more

Why Don’t Most Employees Report Misconduct at Work?

Only a Small Percentage of Misconduct at Work Gets Reported Every Year. Employment discrimination and sexual harassment affect thousands of employees a day across the country. However, only a fraction of these issues get reported to the proper federal or state agencies. Even fewer become lawsuits against employers. Why do so many acts of misconduct at work go unreported every year? Why do so many employees and job applicants choose to ignore their rights? Why do they refuse to fight for justice in the workplace? The reality is that many employees worry about retaliation, humiliation, losing their job, and upsetting the work ... Read more

Get the Best New York City Sexual Harassment Lawyer Near You

The Best New York City Sexual Harassment Lawyer Will Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve As a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, it is easy to feel afraid. You may be afraid to trust anyone, whether at work, at home, or even the professionals you hire. That is why you need a New York City sexual harassment lawyer with a stellar reputation that you know you can trust. How do you find the best New York City sexual harassment lawyer near you? Follow these easy steps to find a sexual harassment attorney in New York City you ... Read more

6 Pregnancy Rights You Need to Know

Pregnant Employees Have the Right to Work in An Environment Free from Employment Discrimination Pregnancy is a medical condition that comes with protection from discrimination in the workplace. Whether you need reasonable accommodations during the workday, medical leave, or protection against discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination, federal and state laws prohibit employers from targeting you for negative employment actions due to your pregnancy. As a pregnant employee or job applicant, you have several rights in the workplace. Make sure you know your rights to avoid any adverse (or negative) treatment from your employer, coworkers, managers, supervisors, or clients in the ... Read more

Sex for Rent Schemes Hit Low-Income Renters

Landlords Sexually Harass Tenants Who Cannot Afford to Pay Rent During the COVID Pandemic Coronavirus has cost people jobs. It has cost them security. It has cost them their independence. And in some cases, it has cost them their lives. However, federal and state laws were supposed to prevent it from costing them their homes. The CARES Act instituted a nationwide eviction plan. When it expired, a National Eviction Moratorium continued this plan. Under the moratorium, landlords cannot evict tenants who cannot pay their rent due to Coronavirus. The moratorium remains in place through December 31, 2020. Unfortunately, many low-income ... Read more