U.S. Olympic Bronze Medalist allege Sexual Harassment

Female Gymnast accused Team Physician of Sexual Harassment

California – In 2000, one particular gymnast who remains anonymous, won a bronze medal during the Sydney Olympics. This female gymnast was a part of the U.S. national team, and she alleged the team’s doctor sexual harassed her for six years. Overtime, the sexual harassment had an ongoing negative effect on the gymnast, which ultimately led her down a path to seek justice through a sexual harassment lawsuit.


Dr. Larry Nassar is the long-term team doctor accused of sexually harassing the gymnast. According to the gymnast, the sexual harassment began in 1990s and concluded at the beginning of the 2000s. During the time the sexual misconduct took place, the gymnast highlighted that she was a minor while she suffered sexual harassment and abuse from Dr. Nassar.

Last week, a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed in Sacramento County Superior Court on behalf of the gymnast. The survivor of sexual harassment alleged Dr. Nassar abused and misused his medical position in order to “molest” her along with several other gymnasts who fell victim to his unscrupulous behavior according to the sexual harassment lawsuit.

Similar to most individuals who enjoy their job and fear loss wages for revealing their experience with sexual harassment, the gymnast made a sacrifice to tolerate the sexual abuse in order to pursue her dreams. This major sacrifice included “her youth, a normal childhood, and her body.” The opportunity to be a part of the USA Gymnastics’ team was allegedly more important than disclosing sexual harassment behind closed doors.

It is understood that people prefer not to sacrifice all they’ve worked for in order to seek justice, however, silence fabricates a greater issue for all individuals involved in sexual harassment and puts other individuals at risk to have a similar experience. During situations resembling the gymnast’s experience, you should immediately seek the legal assistance of a sexual harassment lawyer.

In addition to Dr. Nassar, the gymnast’s sexual harassment lawsuit also holds the current and a few former presidents of the USA Gymnastics responsible for condoning the internal sexual harassment. The plaintiff claims the presidents “oversaw a wide-ranging, calculated concealment of numerous instances” regarding sexual harassment. The gymnast further alleged that the presidents allowed the perpetrator and other employees who participated in sexual misbehavior to remain employed. This is a prime example of mishandling workplace violations.

Currently, Dr. Nassar is also facing a police complaint that a different gymnast, Rachael Denhollander, recently filed alleging Dr. Nassar has sexually assaulted her on numerous occasions according to a reputable news resource. The USA Gymnastics informed the public that Dr. Nassar is no longer involved with the USA Gymnastics. They alleged the police was informed about his workplace misconduct immediately after they received the horrific information.

Workplace Sexual Harassment is Unacceptable

Sexual harassment is not a requirement to be an employee. Instead, it is an illegal activity including unwanted sexual advances. Sexual harassment occurs in the workplace more than often. Women and men around the world have been enduring sexual harassment for decades. Some individuals come forth and may even file a sexual harassment lawsuit with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC, and some people remain quiet. Nonetheless, it is essential to ascertain legal guidance out of an illegal and immoral predicament, and enter a path to restoration both personally and professionally.

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