Employment Lawyers Defending Your Employee Rights in NY, NJ and Philadelphia

Attorneys of Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC are experienced in litigation and lawsuits involving employment discrimination and workplace sexual harassment. Our New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia attorneys vigorously defend victim rights in discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits.

Identifying Employee Discrimination in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia

There are steps you can take to help defend your rights should you be the victim of employment discrimination:

  • Identify and document any “evidence” of misconduct. This can be a personal log of incidents of harassment, unfavorable work schedules, or unjustifiably negative performance reviews.
  • Bring your case to your employer and give them the opportunity to respond to your complaint. It usually helps your case if you gather your thoughts about the experience and put your complaint in writing.
  • Listen to your employer’s response and hear about any corrective action that they will take both in the interim and long term to bring harassment and discrimination to an end at work.
  • If the corrective action does not solve the problem in a reasonable amount of time, consider filing a complaint with the appropriate federal, New York State or New York City agencies responsible for enforcing laws that prohibit discrimination and ensure equal opportunities in the workplace.
  • If you feel after presenting your case to your employer and to the government agencies that your job situation has not measurably improved, it is time to consider filing an employment discrimination lawsuit.

The New York City law firm of Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC can help with defending your rights should you feel a workplace discrimination lawsuit is your next step. Our experienced employment law attorneys understand the stress that workplace sexual harassment and discrimination can put upon you and they can speak up on your behalf and address your case.

Should you be considering a New York, New Jersey or Philadelphia sexual harassment or employment discrimination lawsuit, contact the attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC to discuss your options. Although you might feel targeted at work, you are not alone. The workplace should be a safe environment, not one that is hostile to you and others. An experienced New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia attorney can help with your victim rights defense!

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