Iris Collins Cruz

Iris Collins Cruz



Iris began her legal career in the public defender’s office in Florida’s 17th District. There she gained trial experience while defending individuals against charges relating to economic crimes and criminal felonies.

Iris went from the public defender’s office to corporate America as an attorney for corporate employee relations. She worked as a defendant’s attorney helping corporations defend their actions against employees claiming charges of employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage and hour violations. As a result, Iris learned how companies operate and think when facing allegations of illegal employment practices.

Iris tries to understand her client’s live to understand their case. Because she worked as an employer defense attorney, Iris can help her clients anticipate their employers’ moves and prepare for depositions and trial with those expectations in mind. She works with her clients to ensure they have an advocate to help them speak up, get justice, and become whole again.

In her spare time, Iris is an avid writer. Prior to working in the legal field, she worked as an Associate Producer for the Jenny Jones show. She has also written several children’s books and does some reality improve on YouTube.


State Court(s): Florida

Federal Court(s): US District Court for the Southern District of Florida


College: Indiana University, Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Public Affairs Management

Law School: Florida A&M University, cum laude, Juris Doctorate



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