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  1. Monster cop sues NYPD for racial discrimination

    Monster cop sues NYPD for racial discrimination New York, NY – A New York Police Department detective is suing the department for racial discrimination. The 15 year veteran filed his claim on the heels of an investigation that left him without a job and two white officers still walking their beat. While the Officer had… Read more »

  2. What-A-Burger faces racial discrimination lawsuit

    What-A-Burger faces racial discrimination lawsuit TALLAHASSEE, FL – What-A –Burger, the famous southern burger chain, is currently facing a lawsuit alleging that it encouraged a store manager to discriminate against certain applicants on the basis of their race. Discriminating in hiring policies is a gross violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of… Read more »

  3. Same ole South, GNT Foods sued for Racial discrimination

    Same ole South, GNT Foods sued for Racial discrimination Atlanta, GA – G.N.T. Inc., a popular southern grocery store, is being sued for racial discrimination and retaliation. According to a suit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), GNT Foods has been be charged with creating a racially hostile work environment for its African-… Read more »

  4. Racial discrimination in law enforcement surprises…no one

    Racial discrimination in law enforcement surprises…no one WHITLEY, INDIANA – After being terminated by the Whitley County Sheriff’s department, a former Sheriff’s deputy brought a charge of racial discrimination against the department. A Chicago Court of Appeals overturned a lower court ruling which granted the Sheriff’s department’s motion for summary judgment, denying the sheriff’s deputy’s… Read more »

  5. Famous Chicago Restaurant Chain settles $1.9 million racial discrimination claim

    Chicago Race Discrimination – Rosebud Restaurant’s, Inc. has settled a racial discrimination case for over $1.9 million dollars as a result of their discriminatory policy of refusing to hire African American job applicants. The suit was filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in September of 2013.  The suit charged managers, including Alex Dana, the… Read more »

  6. Ex-Professor accuses major West Virginia University of racial discrimination

    West Virginia – Dr. Wei-ping Zeng, a former professor at Marshall University, has accused the medical school of racial discrimination in its tenure process. Dr. Zeng has alleged the school refused to grant him tenure despite granting tenure to newer professors, with less experience who are also white. His complaint states that the university held… Read more »


    Since the days of Brown v the Board of Education, school integration has  been a sign of the new era of racial justice in America. Unfortunately, more than sixty years after the momentous decision, racial discrimination still occurs in schools throughout the nation. Most recently, in Tacoma Washington, University Place School District has settled a… Read more »


    Our attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC, are no strangers to difficult cases.  Paul Liggieri, Esq., one of our very talented attorneys, is leading the charge against sexual harassment and racial discrimination against the Fire Department of New York. Liggieri has brought a claim against the Department on behalf of his client. The… Read more »

  9. Truck Driver Wins 2.2 Million Dollar Sexual Harassment and Racial Discrimination Suit against Former Employer Balter Sales Co.

    New York City Sexual Harassment Attorney – A former employee of Balter Sales Co., a restaurant supply company in New York City has achieved a 2.2 million dollar victory with the help of his lawyer, Derek T. Smith against the company who discriminated against him. Raymond Rosas who had previously been employed as a truck… Read more »

  10. Columbia Janitor Sues Over Racial Discrimination

    A janitor at Columbia University is suing the institution for racial discrimination, alleging that administrators unfairly treat him and other black employees on account of their skin color. Oumar Coulibay, who started working at a residential complex in 2008, claims that in addition to experiencing job-related setbacks, he has also suffered significant health problems resulting… Read more »

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