Hiring a Sexual Harassment Attorney in NY – NJ – Philadelphia

Tips on What to look for when hiring a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

You have been the victim of workplace harassment. What should you do? Your first move should be to find an EEOC Attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable about the legal issues surrounding harassment. Here is some advice from the Derek T. Smith Law Group on how you might evaluate an New York, New Jersey or Philadelphia sexual harassment attorney.

Get Attorney Referrals, Read Reviews

Do you know anyone who been in a similar situation? Are there friends in the legal industry you can contact? If you’re confused on where to start, we can help. Here are some tips on obtaining quality sexual harassment attorney referral:

  • Put together a list of competent and qualified attorneys in your state whether it’s NY, NJ or PA. by talking with friends and peers for referral. Contact business acquaintances or professionals in your field who might be aware of similar incidents of employment harassment and/or discrimination.
  • Look online to find sexual harassment attorneys in your town or for information about evaluating their qualifications. You can use a referral service located on the Internet to begin your search. There are even online services that match up clients with lawyers. Don’t underestimate the power of searching online for qualified harassment attorneys.
  • Contact the New York State or City branch of the American Bar Association for a referral to employment lawyers in the area. Visit the law firms’ websites for background information to ensure they specialize in laws surrounding employment harassment.
  • Review the firms website for sexual harassment FAQs and other harassment / discrimination specific topics relative to your legal situation.
  • Read reviews on what others have written on consumer sites like  Yelp, Avvo, Google+, about their experiences with the attorneys on your list and stay away form those with negative reviews.

Making contact with a NY, NJ or PA sexual harassment lawyer

Put together a list of high profile employment attorneys whose accomplishments and accolades you admire. These sexual harassment lawyers should have obtained several large settlements and verdicts, and been recognized by respected professional societies.

Here are your next steps:

  • Arrange initial phone interviews with a short list of candidates during which you can ask about their experience and their rate of compensation. Ask if they offer a free initial consultation to discuss the specifics of your case.
  • Review the information collected from your conversations with friends and business associates, your online research and your phone interviews.
  • Make appointments with several employment attorneys who you think can deal with your legal issues in a timely manner, who have a good track record of supporting their clients and whom you feel comfortable working with and trust.
  • Come to your initial consultation prepared with all necessary documentation and most especially, all of the questions you have about your lawsuit and the legal process on harassment issues. You should include questions about different options available to you as well as the length of time one can typically expect for a case to be successfully resolved should you go to court.

If someone answers the phone right away at the law firm, schedules you for an appointment immediately, and an attorney is available to answer your questions, these are all good signs.

Selecting your sexual harassment attorney

When picking a New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania sexual harassment lawyer, shop around. Use your best judgment and these tips to ensure you select the right fit:

  • At the minimum, you should seek a free consultation with at least two lawyers or legal advisers regarding the specific circumstances of your case of harassment.
  • If you come away from one of your meetings with a sense that you are dealing with a professional employment lawyer who has your best interests at heart and who understands the workplace harassment you have experienced, you have found someone who can represent you in a sexual harassment or discrimination lawsuit.

Like any other big decision in life, don’t take who you choose as your employment attorney lightly. If you pick an under-qualified attorney, you risk being tied to someone who won’t return your phone calls, doesn’t explain your legal options, and refuses to go the distance to get the compensation you deserve for your sexual harassment or discrimination lawsuit.

The NY-NJ-PA sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group

The Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC has the legal prowess and savvy to beat your employer, and win you the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys have won several multi-million dollar settlements, including a $4.025 million jury verdict in 2014 and a $1.6 million dollar verdict in 2012. To contact the New York City New Jersey or Philadelphia sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, fill in the contact form at the top right of this page and click submit. You can also reach our firm directly by calling 877-4NYLAWS (877-469-5297). Our employment sexual harassment and discrimination lawyers serve clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island and throughout the state of New York. We also represent employees in sexual harassment and discrimination cases in New Jersey, Philadelphia & Washington D.C.

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