Choosing A NYC Attorney For Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Choosing an employment attorney in New York City can be a challenge and more than a little intimidating. Whether you decide to work with a family friend, to follow a co-worker’s recommendation or with a lawyer found on an online legal directory like or, the employment discrimination lawyers at Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC share some helpful tips to help you find the right attorney.

Do Your Homework

Search the Internet for articles on discrimination law, employment rights, sexual harassment, contracts and workplace policies that are relevant to your case. Learn more about selecting an attorney for a specific need from the online articles that you find on lawsuits similar to your own.

You should search for the Top Sexual Harassment Lawyer in NYC using general trusted search engines like Google and Bing as well as attorney directories and lawyer organizations such as the National Employment Lawyers Association. Also contact local attorney groups such as the New York State or NYC Bar Associations, which have attorney referral services that can help you find a NYC Sexual Harassment or Employment Discrimination Law Lawyer.

Selecting the Right Attorney

Choose an lawyer who has experience in New York employment discrimination law, especially in New York City. Your relative might be a great immigration attorney but that doesn’t mean that you should turn to him to help you with sexual harassment or workplace discrimination case. A experienced NYC employment law or sexual harassment lawyer will offer you the best possible outcome for your employment law case.

Once you have a list of employment attorneys, find out which ones represent employees. Lawyers who represent employers usually do not represent employees so look at the law firm’s profile and their client list. If they primarily represent companies, they may not represent individuals. If you cannot tell, call the attorney’s office to find out.

Choose an attorney who is in good standing with the New York City Bar Association. Make the right hiring decision by reviewing their profile on a website like Remember, knowledge is power and in the complex world of legal issues, an experienced and competent attorney who is sensitive to your needs is the best friend you can have.

Know that it can only help your case to seek expert legal advice. However, when choosing a NYC Sexual harassment or workplace discrimination lawyer make sure the EEOC lawyer offers you a free initial consultation and should never charge you a legal fee unless he recovers compensation for you . A meeting with an attorney will ensure you get the facts and make an informed decision about the disposition of your case.


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