Fear + Intimidation = A Hostile Workplace

You can have a tough time at work no matter what the venue — small business, large corporation, profit or non-profit. The quality of your work life often comes down to your relationship with your coworkers and especially your manager. Through words and actions, managers set the example for behavior in the organization — both good and bad.

Managers are responsible for results. The question is, how does your manager achieve those results? Many managers take a positive approach by creating and maintaining an inclusive environment where employees feel valued and productive.

But others do just the opposite. They get results through fear, <a href=”http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/harassment.cfm” target=”_blank”>harassment</a> and outright bullying. It’s that kind of behavior that generates a hostile work environment.

What’s the atmosphere like at your job?
<li>Do you witness your managers berating other employees in public?</li>
<li>Are company policies and procedures complied with? Do your managers play it by the book or perhaps interpret company policy to meet personal agendas?</li>
<li>Are your bosses fair and consistent in rating your performance or does that judgment vary to meet a specific situation?</li>
<li>Does upper management follow through on complaints about bully bosses or is it just an exercise to let employees vent?</li>
If this describes your place of work, you can take steps to protect yourself.  You can help yourself by remaining professional in your interactions with management and by keeping good records. Evidence, whether circumstantial or not, can play a key role in building a successful discrimination case. You should also consult an experienced <a href=”http://www.akinandsmith.com/aop/new-york-discrimination/workplace/”>New York City attorney</a> who can assess your situation and recommend a winning course of action.


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