EEOC Data for 2013: Fewer Complaints, Higher Recovery

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigates complaints and pursues action against employers who discriminate against workers in violation of federal laws. Although New York has robust state laws against discrimination, understanding the authority of the EEOC is important to anyone concerned about discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

In February, the EEOC released annual figures on its enforcement and litigation efforts for fiscal year 2013. Points of the data include the following:

  • The agency took in more than 93,000 complaints concerning workplace discrimination. That number represents the lowest number of complaints filed since 2010.
  • Of the total charges, 3,550 complaints originated in New York. Among other complaints, this figure included 990 race discrimination claims, more than 1,000 sex-based charges and more than 1,900 allegations of employer retaliation against workers.
  • Across the nation, areas of discrimination receiving the most complaints include retaliation, race, sexual harassment, disability and age.
  • Top states for allegations of employment discrimination include Texas, California and Georgia.
  • The rate of complaints filed under GINA, the Genetic Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, has increased each year since statistics were first logged in 2010.

Although the EEOC logged fewer complaints in 2013, it achieved a historically high monetary recovery of $372.1 million through its administrative processes. In all cases, if the agency determines discrimination has occurred, it seeks to work with employers to settle and correct ongoing workplace practices.

For employers unable to reach resolution with the EEOC, the agency may file a lawsuit to protect the interest of the individual and other workers.

In New York, state and federal laws protect workers against discrimination. When you have questions about how you are treated on the job, talk to an established labor lawyer in the city.



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