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Donald Trump Facing Allegations of Sex Discrimination by Former Employee

In Sioux City, Iowa, Donald Trump is being accused by a former employee of his campaign, of sex discrimination and other forms of inappropriate behavior, however, the 2016 Republican presidential candidate continues to deny all allegations, calling the accusers claims “totally made up.” Former campaign employee, Elizabeth Davidson claims that male employees were paid more… Read more »

Ex-Nyack College Softball Coach Brought Up On Sexual Abuse Charges

Nyack College former women’s softball coach Kurt Ludwigsen has been indicted on a slew of sexual abuse charges and other allegations. The county district attorney’s office released a news publication saying he was indicted by a Rockland County jury on third-degree sexual abuse, two counts of second-degree harassment and 94 counts each of forcible touching…. Read more »

Vanguard Terminates Several Employees Due to their Age, Disability and Religion

What happens when you take time off from your job to care for an ailing parent and your job decides to terminate you because of it? That’s exactly what happened to IT employee, Rebecca Snow who was employed with Vanguard Group.  Snow was a model employee, with the company; she constantly received excellent reviews and… Read more »

Male Nurse Claims He Was Told “If You’re A Nurse You Must Be Gay”

Ralph Oberdorf, a licensed practical nurse from Williamsport, Pa. has filed suit against his former employer claiming that he was subjected to gender discrimination during his two year employment. Oberdorf filed paperwork Tuesday pertaining to the suit against Consulate Management Co. of Maitland, Fla., and Manor at Penn Village in Selinsgrove.  He says that before… Read more »

Sonic Employee Arrested for Sexual Harassment and Wife Follows

An employee at the Sonic Drive In located in Chester County, Tenn, has accused her co-worker of workplace sexual harassment. According to the report filed with the Henderson Police Department, Latrail Love had reportedly sexually harassed the victim whose name is being withheld.  However, after police reviewed video from the fast food restaurant, they allegedly… Read more »

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment is one of those topics that most people would choose to avoid. Who knows how many of us would feel comfortable discussing conduct in the workplace that often tends to be everyday misconduct? If more people were to realize that the actions we generally experience on a daily basis is inappropriate –but… Read more »

New Jersey Hospital Named In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against It’s Employee

A New Jersey hospital employee has filed suit against her employer, claiming that her boss had sexually harassed her and when she reported it, he punished her as well. Adrianne Russo, a security supervisor at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton, claims that when she was pregnant, her supervisor, Dave Gordon sexually harassed her. … Read more »

Former JELD-WEN Employee Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against the Company

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors is being sued for sexual harassment by one of it’s former employees. The lawsuit, filed on November 10, by Lori J. Kotch alleges that the home products company subjected her to sexual harassment, sexual comments, offensive workplace pranks, crude language which referred to sexual acts and working in a hostile job… Read more »

Barbershop that Caters to Men Slapped with Fine for Refusal to Cut Woman’s Hair

Pennsylvania barber shop owner, John Interval is being faced with a hefty $750 fine for refusing to cut a woman’s hair. “I didn’t really consider it so much a discrimination thing as it’s a barbershop… for guys” said Interval. Interval’s barbershop, Barbiere has always catered to the affluent market for male clientele.  One of the… Read more »

4th Grader Could Face Charges of Sexual Harassment

“I like you” those were the words displayed on the inside of a heart written on a sheet of loose leaf paper.  As innocent as those words appear to be to most people, there is also the innocence of the 9-year-old boy who wrote the words. “I like your hair because it is not sloppy…. Read more »

When Veterans Become Victims of Sexual Harassment

They fought and continue to fight for our country.  They are the individuals, along with other military personnel who ensure we continue to live in the land of the free.  It has been their duty to protect us. But when faced with sexual harassment, whose job is it to protect them? Protecting veterans; both male… Read more »

“Old Fart” Ordered to Pay Up For Sexual Harassment

  “I did nothing. I am an old fart.”  Those are the words that came straight out of the mouth of 90- year-old owner, Jerry Fund.  Fund is head of his company – Automatic Meter Reading Corp, and is being accused of sexual harassment by one of his former employees. 48-year-old, Monica Cardenas who was… Read more »

New Jersey Dental Office Named in Sexual Harassment Case

A group of female employees in New Jersey are gearing up to sue a dental practice they say was operating as a “sexual harassment playground.” The employees, both current and former, claim that two male employees from the office subjected them to sexual harassment such as unwanted touching, sexual advances and comments. The lawsuit which… Read more »

Did Princeton University Discriminate Against Asian Applicants?

After completing a year-long investigation into the admissions process, the U.S. Department of Education has determined that Princeton University has been found not guilty of discrimination when it comes to applicants of Asian-American and Asian descent. The Office for Civil Rights initiated a compliance review in January 2008 after two people complained that they were… Read more »

10 Common Misconceptions Involving Workplace Sexual Harassment

There are many misconceptions about sexual harassment. Oftentimes unethical behavior tends to get swept under the rug due to these common workplace fallacies.  If more people were consciously aware that what they are being subjected to, is not only unethical but it is also unlawful then they would refuse to tolerate it altogether. Here are… Read more »

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